• Evolution

    'There will be even more opportunities to deliver excellent value to our customers.'

  • Changing Orthopaedic Markets

    'The device technology that is central to the success of the procedure matures and ultimately commoditises.'

  • Ethos

    'It is important to support our customers with specialist salespeople.'

  • Importance Of Quality

    'Value does not need to be at the expense of quality.'

  • Product and Service Development

    'The products and systems that we offer are designed to meet established clinical needs and are price positioned to help in the most efficient use of available resources.'

  • Customer Service

    'Focused on offering the highest level of support to the hospital teams that we serve.'

  • Working for OrthoSolutions

    'We have grown rapidly and responsibly and are always looking for talented individuals '

  • Unique Device Identification (UDI)

    'Ortho Solutions supports the FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations and GS1 standards.'

Value without compromise

From its inception in 2001 the goal of OrthoSolution’s team has been to deliver the best possible value and service to the customers that we serve, without compromising quality standards. We supply a range of specialist extremity products and orthopaedic consumable products through our two divisions – OrthoSolutions Extremities and OrthoSolutions Direct.