ToeGrip is a next generation approach to the surgical treatment of hammer toes. The incidence of surgical intervention for hammer toes has increased although the majority of treatments still utilise Kirshner wires. Traditional treatments, such as K-wires, for proximal interphalangeal arthrodesis may not achieve the level of rotational stability required for optimal bone fusion. These treatments also result in a prominence of the wire external to the skin and removal of the wire from the toe post operatively. In comparison ToeGrip aims to enhance bone fusion by increasing compression and resisting rotation of the resected bone surfaces at the arthrodesis site. With ToeGrip there is no external prominence of the device post operatively and it does not require removal once fusion has been achieved.


  • Primary fixation is achieved by the unique 3 points fixation principle of the ToeGrip implant design.  The resected bone surfaces are kept in close apposition and axial and rotational movement of the bone is minimised encouraging fusion.
  • Five size options and three angle variants ensure excellent intra-medullary fit and fixation.
  • ToeGrip is made from PEEK material, which has a proven track record of biocompatibility in orthopaedic surgery and its inherent radiolucency facilitates easier postoperative X-ray examination.
  • No implant removal is necessary once fusion has been achieved.
  • Straightforward surgical technique and simple instrumentation ensure ease of use and minimal procedure time.
  • Implants are supplied sterile packaged.
  • Exclusively distributed for Synchro Medical by OrthoSolutions in the UK and USA.
  • FDA cleared.