‘We started the company in 2001. Our goal was to deliver the best value and support to our customers. It was relevant to the UK then. It’s even more relevant globally now.’ Rupert Hosking – Director, OrthoSolutions.

Notwithstanding the clear commoditising of many segments of the global orthopaedic market there will still be many opportunities to improve the way that orthopaedic care is delivered to patients. New innovative products will help clinical teams enhance outcomes for patients.

The primary goal of OrthoSolutions is not to compete with the large global companies that focus on defending their market share positions and develop innovative technologies to strengthen their large product systems. Our main focus is to deliver value by offering products and services that will help clinical teams meet their current needs and do so by positioning our predominantly  ‘established technology’ products at a highly competitive price point that also facilitates the most efficient use of scarce resources. We believe that this approach is consistent with the ethos established in 2001 and importantly positions us well relative to the changing dynamics of the global orthopaedic market.

We also believe that it is important to support our customers with specialist salespeople who are knowledgeable of the orthopaedic field for which they are responsible.  Unlike a number of the new entrant ‘generic’ orthopaedic companies OrthoSolutions believes that it is important that we continue to offer specialist salespeople who can offer technical support to the clinical users of our products, where it is appropriate. This model has worked successfully since 2001 in the UK and we see no reason to change our approach.