Product and Service Development

‘It’s about far more than just developing the next generation product or system. My role is to ensure that whatever I design meets a clinical need and also delivers the best possible value to the customer.’   Craig Bluett – Technical Director 

We pride ourselves in responding quickly to the changing needs of our customers. The primary goal of the products and services, which OrthoSolutions develops, is to offer our customers the best possible value without compromising clinical standards. We do not strive to be first to market with an innovative technology. We strive to offer the best value for money in largely established ‘technology stable’ orthopaedic markets. The products and systems that we offer are designed to meet established clinical needs and are price positioned to help in the most efficient use of available resources.

We believe in always looking for new ways of doing things. For OrthoSolutions developing new ways of serving our customers is as important as designing new products.

  • We were one of the first companies in the UK to offer sterile packed orthopaedic consumables and foot and trauma implants to make them simpler to use, reduce the need for re-sterilisation and ensure full product traceability.
  • We established a specialist sales team who are able to focus on the distinct needs of our Extremity customers. 
  • We have price positioned our orthopaedic consumable product range – saw blades, drill bits and K-wires – to offer excellent value for money. 

However, where we believe that where there is a clear unmet clinical need we will also invest our time and resources to develop product solutions that address the needs of our specialist extremity customers.  For example, in collaboration with a group of leading Foot and Ankle surgeons OrthoSolutions is developing a new total ankle replacement implant and instrumentation platform. From the outset the goal of the project has been to try to improve the clinical outcomes for the patients who undergo this procedure. A three-piece ankle replacement system is currently in development and will soon be undergoing clinical evaluation.