Foot Osteotomy System - FOS™

The Foot Osteotomy System can be used for a range of forefoot procedures and includes dedicated compact instrumentation for ease of use. It consists of the following range of screws and nail plate.

  • 3.0mm Scarf Screw.
  • 2.3mm Phalangeal Osteotomy Screw.
  • 2.0mm Weil Screw.


  • Titanium alloy screws cannulated for ease of insertion.
  • Headless screw designed to allow screws to be countersunk for maximum compression and aim of reducing the incidence of post-operative soft tissue irritation.
  • Packaged sterile.
  • FDA cleared.

Nail Plate Features

  • Designed for effective purchase in weak bone.
  • Spherical head screw allows for lateral adjustment.
  • Packaged sterile.
  • FDA cleared.