OxBridge™ - Ankle Fusion Nail

The OxBridge™ Ankle Fusion Nail is designed for tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis. The system offers a surgical treatment option for a range of clinical indications. The instrumentation system has been designed to ensure accurate nail placement whilst minimising procedure time.


  • Implants manufactured from Titanium alloy.
  • Three nail diameters, with two length options, to accommodate anatomical variation.
  • Dynamic and static locking screw options proximally and a selection of options distally ensure robust primary fixation.
  • Low profile cortical screws minimise soft tissue irritation and allow a choice of medial or lateral screw insertion.
  • Instrumentation is simple and straightforward allowing a surgical procedure designed to achieve a reduced operative time.
  • Lightweight jig improving speed and accuracy of nail positioning.
  • Radiolucent material used in targeting design enables precise screw placement.
  • Miss-a-Nail targeting device facilitates accurate placement of an anti-rotational miss-a-nail screw for added stability.
  • Implants packaged sterile.
  • FDA cleared.