Extremities – Need for Specialism

Orthopaedics is a broad specialty that is made up of a number of sub specialty areas and as such encompasses a diverse range of surgical and non-surgical interventions. It would be challenging for any commercial organisation to fully understand the needs of each sub specialty customer group without focusing its attention down on one group.

OrthoSolutions has a clear focus on the Extremity specialty. We have aligned our organisation to ensure that we fully understand how we can best meet the specific needs of the Extremity customer group. Our development teams are experts in this area so that we can be confident that our product and service solutions that we develop will meet the specific needs of the clinical teams that are treating patients with lower extremity conditions. Our salespeople also specialise in supporting our Extremity product portfolio to ensure that they are able to offer our customers the most appropriate technical, commercial and logistical service and support.

Our customer service teams are also focused on meeting the needs of our Extremity customers and supporting the activities of our field based specialist sales team.

Every OrthoSolutions customer can be assured that you will be dealing with an organisation that has a keen focus on your specialist area of orthopaedic surgery. The foot and ankle may include some of the smallest bones in the body but OrthoSolutions is giving them a big focus to help you meet your patient’s needs and expectations.